Test Center

Basic information

Haichuan Test Center was built in 2014 with a total effective area of 630 square meters and total equipment assets of about 3 million yuan. It has been constructed as a laboratory with good technical strength, good working environment and advanced instruments. This center is composed of two major parts, i.e., the physical test laboratory and the chemical analysis laboratory.

Main functions and characteristics of the laboratory

Main equipment in the physical test laboratory: electronic tensile testing machine, electronic universal testing machine, conveyor belt roller friction testing machine, aging test chamber, alcohol burner combustion experiment instrument, roller abrasion tester, dynamic fatigue testing machine, double-head sharpening machine, small open mill for laboratory use, flat vulcanizing machine, hardness tester, thickness gauge, electronic density gauge, plasticity tester, Mooney viscometer, rotor-free vulcanization apparatus, megohm meter and other advanced equipment; main laboratory contents include tensile test, peeling test, tearing test, aging test, friction test, fatigue test, combustion test, etc.


Main equipment in the chemical analysis laboratory include: electrothermal blowing dry box, high temperature furnace, melting point tester, softening point tester, multi-purpose furnace, electronic analytical balance, electrothermal constant-temperature dry box, magnetic stirrer, rotary evaporator, constant temperature water bath pot and other advanced equipment. Main laboratory contents include heating loss, ash content, loss on ignition, PH value, insoluble substance, melting point, softening point and others.

In face of market development needs, in order to ensure product quality, the test center firmly implements the quality policy of being 'scientific, accurate and meticulous' and performs tests strictly according to national or industrial standards and regulations. The test center of our company has been innovating, forging ahead with determination, constantly improving test level and adding test items; it strictly adheres to the provision that nonconforming materials will not be allowed to enter the factory and nonconforming products will not be allowed to be released from the factory, thus ensuring 100% compliance of the company’s conveyer belt products.


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