Mixing Center

Haichuan Mixing Center covers a total area of 3300m2 and was designed by Qingdao Rubber Design Institute, a top design team in China. It adopts domestic first-class technology- core technologies of MESNAC (Qingdao) and is equipped with machinery equipment produced by the best equipment manufacturer in China- Dalian Rubber Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

This Mixing Center took the lead to realize full automatic production in Boli Rubber Industry Concentration Area and has developed its technical level in the leading position in the national industry.


All equipment in the Mixing Center are environmental friendly. Through duct collection and recycling and waste gas filtering before emission, the problem of bad working environment with heavy dust and smell encountered by traditional conveyer belt manufacturer can be avoided so as to comply with the current green development trend. For material conveying and weighing, it introduced the mixer upstream equipment and the full automatic small material weighing and dosing system produced by MESNAC (Qingdao) which can minimize the artificial interference factor with extremely small precision error, effectively reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency and the uniformity and stability of product quality, thus promoting product upgrading of Haichuan.


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